A Chip Shot is on Its Way
Straight for the Pin
Ready forthe Down Swing
Wow!! The Ball is On Its Way; Start of a Great Shot
A Real Junior Golfer
Three Generations, The McElroy Family, Jay, J. T., Gary
One of our OTHG Set to Tee Off
An Amateur Team Tees Off
Nice Finish to a Great Shot
Golf Knows No Age Barrier
This Should be the Closest to the Pin
Sponsor Signs are Displayed on Each Hole; Our Sponsors Make Our Benevolent Activities Possible
Door Prizes Waiting to Be Claimed
Our Serving Crew for the After Round Meal
The Scores Are Posted
Marc Gaines Accepts 2nd Flight, 3rd Place Prize Money
Norris Turner Claims the 1st Place Prize Money, 3rd Flight
Taylor Morrow and his Team won 3rd Place in the 3rd Flight
David Roden Accepts 2nd Flight, 2nd Place Prize
David Curvin Claims 1st Flight, 3rd Place for his Team
Gage Miller, Long Drive on #15, And Claiming 1st Flight, 2nd Place Prize
1st Flight, 1st Place Captured by a Three Generation McElroy Team, J. T. (left) and Jay
Jim Landers Accepts 3rd Flight, 2nd Place for His Team
Corey Cronan Placed his Drive Closest to the Pin on #4
Greg Rainey Captured Closest to Pin on #14
Closest to Pin on #16 went to Taylor Morrow
David Martin Launched the Longets Drive on #3
Greg Rainey Was the Lucky Draw on Split the Pot
Ray Doss Accepts 2nd Flight, 1st Place Prize
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Flight & Hole Winners
2019 Flight and Hole Winners
Flight Winners
1st Flight
    1st Place
        Jay McElroy
        J. T. McElroy
        Garry McElroy
    2nd Place
        Jim Steward
        David Medders
        Gage Miller
    3rd Place
        David Curvin
        Wayne NaraMore
        Larry Troup
2nd Flight
    1st Place
        Randall Doss
        Ray Doss
        Robbie Robertson
    2nd Place
        Ken Wheeler
        David Roden
        James Randall
    3rd Place
        Marc Gaines
        Roger Smith
        Randy Jones
3rd Flight
    1st Place
        Norris Turner
        Gary Smith
        Josh Turner
    2nd Place
        Nick Burkhardt
        Jimmy Wynn
        Jim Landers
    3rd Place
        Andrew Cronan
        Noah Elder
        Taylor Morrow
Hole Winners
    Closest to Pin
        #3 Jim Landers
        #4 Corey Cronan
        #14 Greg Ramsey
        #16 Taylor Morrow
    Long Drive
        #5 David Martin
        #15 Gage Miller