Wow!! The Ball is On Its Way; Start of a Great Shot
Half Way Through The Swing
Relax; Its Really a Good Drive
Almost Made the Putt
Watch the Flight of the Ball
Ready, Set, Go
Keep Your Head Down and Eyes on the Ball
Hope This is Going to be a Good ONe
OK; Now for the Downswing
Tanner Wells Watches his Drive on its Way
Aproach Shot to the 18th Green
Flight Winners
1st Flight - 1st Place went to the team of Caleb Bowen, David Stephens, Cory Etta
1st Flight - 2nd Place winners were Dennis Austin, Kenny Okins, Caleb McKinney
1st Flight - 3rd Place Went to Gary Austin, Don Maddox, Jerry Irwin
2nd Flight - 1st Place Team of Ken Boyd, Donnie Ford, Ralph Carter
2nd Flight - 2nd Place captured by the team of T. J. McGatha, Jeff Barnwell, Grant Hockman (not shown)
2nd Flight - 3rd Place Team was Jerry Cobb, John Carlisle, John Wood
3rd Flight - 1st Place Team was Matthew Morrow, Kyle Morrow, Noah Huckabe
3rd Flight - 2nd Place Team was (l-r)Randall Doss, Robbie Robertson, Ray Doss (not shown)
3rd Flight - 3rd Place Winng Team was H. S. Law, Ted Law, Wayne Conner (not Shown)
David Stephens Collected the Closest to Pin Prize on the 3rd Hole
Marcus King Claimed the Closest to Pin on the 4th Hole
Closest To Pin on 14th Hole Went to Ted Law
Ken Boyd had the Closest Drive to Pin on 16th Hole
Don Maddox Captured the Long Drive Contest -- 15th Hole
Grand Prize Winner Doug Bragg
Our Serving Crew. Golfers Enjoyed BBQ at the End of the Round
One of Our 76 Sponsors. They Make Our Benevolent Projects Possible
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Flight & Hole Winners
2018 Flight and Hole Winners
Flight Winners
1st Flight
    1st Place
        Corey Etta
        David Stephens
        Caleb Bowen
    2nd Place
        Dennis Austin
        Kenny Okins
        Caleb McKinney
    3rd Place
        Don Maddox
        Jerry Irvin
        Gary Austin
2nd Flight
    1st Place
        Donnie Ford
        Ken Boyd
        Ralph Carter
    2nd Place
        Jeff Barnwell
        Grant Hockman
        T. J. McGatha
    3rd Place
        Jerry Cobb
        John Wood
        John Carlisle
3rd Flight
    1st Place
        Kyle Morrow
        Matthew Morrow
        Noah Huckabe
    2nd Place
        Ray Doss
        Randall Doss
        Robbie Robertson
    3rd Place
        H. S. Law
        Ted Law
        Wayne Conner
Hole Winners
    Closet to Pin
        #3 David Stephens
        #4 Marcus King
        #14 Ted Law
        #16 Ken Boyd
    Long Drive
        #15 Don Maddox