Norman Parker Presents 2015 Award
Coach Madden Presents 2015 Award
Zack Cunningham Receives 2013 OTHG Scholarship
2013 Scholarship Receipients
Recipient of the 2012 Coach Madden Scholarship
Recipient of the 2012 Coach Williamon Scholarship
Recipient of the 2014 Coach Williamon Scholarship
Recipient of the 2014 Coach Madden Scholarship
2013 Scholarship Receipients
Recipient of the 2012 Coach Madden Scholarship
Recipient of the 2012 Coach Williamon Scholarship
Recipient of the 2014 Coach Williamon Scholarship
Recipient of the 2014 Coach Madden Scholarship
Anna Hale - Recipient of the 2016 OTHG Scholarship
Breanna Hunt - Recipient of the 2016 Coach Madden Scholarship
Adam McFry - Recipient of the 2016 Coach Williamon Scholarship
Korie Burgess - Recipient of the 2017 OTHG Scholarship
Carley Wood - Recipient of the 2017 Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship
Shelby Wood - Recipient of the 2017 Coach Richard Madden Scholarship
Olivia Sullivan - Recipient of the 2018 OTHG Scholarship
Lauren Thompson - Recipient of the 2018 Coach Richard Madden Scholarship
Bethany Howard - Recipient of the 2018 Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship
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Olivia Sullivan - OTHG Scholarship
Lauren Thompson - Madden Scholarship
Bethany Howard - Williamon Scholarship
Carley Wood - Williamon Scholarship
Shelby Wood - Madden Scholarship
Korie Burgess - OTHG Scholarship
Breanna Hunt - Madden Scholarship
Adam McFry - Williamon Scholarship
Anna Hale - OTHG Scholarship
Drennan Beam - Madden Scholarship
Nelson Shaw - Williamon Scholarship
Mickala Lewis - OTHG Scholarship
Dylan Randall - Madden Scholarship
Taylor Snellgrove - Williamon Scholarship
Mikayla Owen - Madden Scholarship
Ariel Edwards - Williamon Scholarship
Zack Cunningham - OTHG Scholarship
Priya Bhott - Madden Scholarship
Cassandra Tims - Williamon Scholarship
Daniel Sheppard - Madden Scholarship
Hillary Ginn - Williamon Scholarship
Hilary Faulkner - Madden Scholarship
Hannah Brooks - Williamon Scholarship
Catlin Prater - Williamon Scholarship

Lauren Ashley
Coach Richard Madden Scholarship
Ranked 5th in her class, Lauren completed her high school requirements with a 4.25 GPA. She has been active in the National Beta Club, Key Club, SGA, FCCLA and FCA. As a cheerleader for the football and basketball team, Lauren served as a team captian in the 11th and 12th grade. She served as SGA parlimentarian in the 12th grade.

Fulfilling a life long dream, Lauren has been accepted to enroll at Jacksonville State University where she plans to pursue a degree in nursing. Beyond undergraduate school Lauren has a goal to pursue advanced studies at UAB to become a nurse anesthetist.
Olivia Grace
Over The Hill Gang Scholarship
Olivia graduated with a 4.23 GPA, ranking 7th in her class. She attended White Plains High for grades K - 12. Prior to satisfying her requirements for graduation, Olivia completed nine dual enrollment courses at Jacksonville State Universtiy. Extra curricular activities include National Beta Club, Student Government Association, Key Club, Family-Career-Community Leaders of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and varsity cheerleading. She served as cheerleader captian 2016 - 2018. Olivia has been active in volunteer and and community that includes the Piedmont Health Center, Deciple Now and the Sable Learning Center.

In pursuit of a long time interest in nursing, Olivia plans on entering the nursing school at Jacksonville State Univesity where she will focus on Labor and Delivery.
Bethany Rachelle
Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship
Born and raised in the White Plains vicinity, Bethany attended grades K - 12 at the White Plains School; completing her studies with a 4.05 GPA. In preparation for her collegiate studies, she has completed multiple advanced courses through Jacksonville State Univerity. While in high school extra cirrecular activities include participation in the National Beta Club, the Wild Cat marching band, concert band, jazz band and a blue grass quartet. Honors include the A/B honor roll Calhoun County Honor Roll and the district honor roll. In adition she has been an active volunteer and participant in community service.

Bethany plans to enroll in The University of West Alabama where she will study Marine biology. Her career goal is to be associated with a marine conservatory.
Carley Wood
Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship
Beginning in the eighth grade, Carley participated in varsity basketball and softball. She was named to the County and All Area Tournament Softball Team in the tenth grade. Academically, Carley has been an annual member of the Beta Club and All-A Roll. Other activities she enjoys are reading, writing, painting, running, hiking, swimming, and bike riding. As an athlete, Carley sustained her share of injuries. While enduring numerous therapy sessions she observed countless children requiring similar treatment. She came to realize she wanted to pursue a career in physical therapy.
Shelby Wood
Coach Richard Madden Scholarship
Like her twin sister, Shelby participated in varsity softball and basketball from the eighth grade. Both played in two state final four softball tornaments. Shelby was named to all-tournament basketball teams in the tenth through twelfth grades. A six year Beta Club member, she was also on the All-A role during her entire high school career. After developing a keen interest in teaching at the secondary, Shelby has decided to concentrate on mathematics. In pursuit of that objective, she plans to earn a Bachelor's of Science in Mathematics degree. Her college career will begin at the Wadley campus of the Southern Union State Community College where she will also be a member of the softball team.
Korie Burgess
Over The Hill Gang Scholarship
Korie Burgess plans to attend Auburn University and earn dual majors in Agricultural Education and Agriscience with a minor in Agricultural Leadership. After graduation, she plans to enter the workplace as a marketing representative for a major agricultural business. Korie's long term goal is to enter the class room to teach agriscience. While a student, Korie enjoyed considerable academic success and participated in a number of extra-curricular activities, including the Student Council Association, Future Business Leaders of America, Future Teachers of America and the school choir.
Adam McFry
Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship
Graduating with 4.0 GPA with advanced honors and ranked academically first in the class of 2016, Adam McFry is this year’s recipient of the Coach Eugene Williamon Scholarship. His life long obsession has been computers and associated technology which he plans to turn into a career. Adam will enroll in under graduate studies at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where he plans to pursue a double major in computer science and mathematics. After college, Adam plans to enter the workforce in Huntsville, then move to a large metropolis like Atlanta, Georgia. His ultimate goal is to migrate to the Seattle, Washington area and associate himself with one of the “tech” giants, such as Amazon, Nintendo or Google.
Breanna Hunt
Coach Richard Madden Scholarship
Breanna Hunt is this year’s recipient of the Coach Richard Madden Scholarship. She is graduating with 4.0 GPA with advanced honors. Breanna is an avid reader with an interest in historical events and currently owns 61 books from various time periods. Breanna plans to enter the nursing field and become a registered nurse. Her ultimate goal is to be certified as physician’s assistant. Breanna will enroll at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and major in Nursing with a minor in literature or ancient history.
Anna Leah Hale
Over The Hill Gang Scholarship
Graduating with 4.0 GPA with advanced honors, Anna Leah Hale participated in dual enrollment classes and successfully completed most of the required work for her first year of college. She is this year’s recipient of our Over the Hill Gang Scholarship. Anna plans to enter the medical field and specialize in occupational therapy. Anna will enroll Jacksonville State University and enter the Exercise Science and Pre-Professional Program. She plans to complete her under graduate work at the University of South Alabama and then earn a master’s degree in occupational therapy