Our Projects

We award three scholarships annually to deserving White Plains Students

We partner with the Nances Creek Baptist Church and a private donar to provide fully stocked school backpacks for k - 4 grades at the White Plains Elementry School

Provided funds for needy children at the White Plains, Piedmont,Heflin middle schools and Piedmont Elementry School to have snacks.

Assisted the White Plains Volunteer Fire Department to replace its rescue saw

Assisted needy families with funeral expenses and sports items for needy students

Provided Christmas gifts for needy families

Purchased game tickets for deprived family to watch a son play

Donated funds, on a case by case basis, to the robitics, golf, basketball volley ball, baseball, cheerleaders and football programs

Partnered with White Plains Baptist Church for Senior Night events

Gave financial aid for needy students to participate in summer basketball programs

Based on coaches recommendation, procured athletic shoes, gloves, etc for financially deprived students

Rendered financial assistance for needy families with serious illness

Organized the Daniel Davenport Memorial Scholarship

Donated to a family through the local Red Cross when their house burned, with loss of life Sponsor an annual banquet for scholarship winnerss and their families

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