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The Over The Hill Gang

Billy Couch - Treasurer
Alvin Robertson
Stanley Barnwell
Jeff Barnwell
Henry Barnwell
Billy Ward
Norris Turner
Harold Ponder
Morris Penny
Randy Jones
Chad Messer
Coach Richard Madden

Norman - In Memoriam (1939 - 2019) past moderator and charter member
Billy - treasurer and publicity
Coach Madden (Member Emeritus) - former coach at White Pains.  Honored with annual scholarship awarded in his name
Stanley - charter member and avid White Plains athletics supporter
Jeff - our annual golf tournament coordinator
Billy - always ready to pitch in and help
Henry - avid White Plains sports fan
Alvin - charter member; alway willing to lend a helping hand
A picnic luncheon for Coach and Calhoun County softball player of the year
OTHG poses with the 2014 Calhoun County Class 3A sofball player of the year
We seldom gather without enjoying a hearty meal
Honoring the 2014 Calhoun County Class 3A softball player of the year
Honoring the 2014 Calhoun County Class 3A softball coach of the year
Norman and Stanley discuss our golg tournament
We honor our scholarship recipients at an annual banquet
Always promoting The Over The Hill Gang
Honoring former players coached by Eugene Williamon
We always treat our golf competitors to a barbecue fest
Proudly accepting a donation - for the kids
Harold and Stanley greeting each other before joing the gospel concert preparation
Enjoying our annual gospel concert
Stanley welcomes Judge Jones to our singing
Honoring our aging warrior and his players
Joe Hutto at the annual scholarship banquet
Alvin Robertson Welcomes the White Plains 2017 Varsity Softball to an OTHG sponsored luncheon
Junior and Senior Team Members Receiving Awards and Honors:
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