About Us - The Over The Hill Gang

In the wake of the tragic loss of White Plains student athlete Daniel Davenport, county commissioner Rudy Abbott suggested that something should be done to preserve his memory. Several supporters of White Plains athletics accepted the challenge to raise the funds for a college scholarship to be awarded in his name. Abbott contributed $800; another $150 was raised through solicitation and the final donation to round out a $1000 scholarship came from Bobby Wilkins. Soon other needs were identified which led to the formation of an organization for those pursuits.

But, what should the organization be called? Since most of the charter members were well into middle age, someone suggested they were the Over the Hill Gang. After some discussion it was decided that "if you can't play with these young kids today, then you are 'over the hill'." Thus was born the White Plains Over the Hill Gang (OTHG).

One of its first projects was to work with Coach Chris Randall to establish an annual Davenport Basketball Invitational Tournament. In its infancy the OTHG primarily supported basketball. Its mission then grew to assist White Plains athletics and in particular deprived athletes. Over the years our activities have expanded to include assistance to the deprived of our community and school. Through fund raising efforts we are able to award college scholarships, support school programs, and assist deprived student athletes who otherwise would not be able to participate in competitive sports.

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